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Suitable for Male & Female
Whey Protein, Muscle Builder, Weight Gainer, Fat Burner, Weight loss Suppelements, BCAA, Nitric Oxide, Amino Acid, Multivitamins,Creatine & much more. thumbup.gif
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3 in 1 Shaker @ Blender Bottle: 28OZ / 800ML 
Big Size, Fit 28oz to the brim and marked to 20z.
With steel ball
2x Extra powder compartment
1x Extra pill/capsule compartment: 3 slots
BPA free

RM20 with purchase of 1 supplements @
RM30 shaker alone

3 in 1 Shaker/Blender Bottle
dgn Steel Ball.
blh isi extra powder (3 ruang). senang bwk skali preworkout + intra + protein powder.
ada bekas khas utk pill/kapsul juga (3 ruang)
warna hitam, merah, biru

Lifting Strap - RM25
Glove with wrist wrap - RM35 size s ~ l
Belt - RM50 size xs ~ xl
Universal & Animal Tshirt - RM45 size s ~ l


MUSCLETECH HydroxyStim 200s - RM215 2 month+
USPLABS OxyElite PRO 90s - RM165 1 months
USPLABS Compound 20 120s –RM168 Leaning & Hardening Complex
CELLUCOR Super HD 60s - RM140 1 months
CELLUCOR Super HD 120s –RM220 2 months
CELLUCOR WS1 120s - RM165 
CELLUCOR D4 Thermal Shock 60s – RM158 1 months
CELLUCOR D4 Thermal Shock 120s – RM248 2 months
CELLUCOR T7 Extreme 90s - RM165 Without energy stimulant & caffeine
CELLUCOR CLK 60s - RM130 Without energy stimulant & caffeine: CLA + raspberry ketones
CELLUCOR CLK 90s - RM150 Without energy stimulant & caffeine: CLA + raspberry ketones
BSN Hyper Shred 100s - RM160 Bonus size
NUTREX Lipo6X 120s - RM160
NUTREX Lipo6 Black 120s - RM155
NUTREX Lipo6 Black Ultra Concentrate 60s - RM148
NUTREX Lipo6 Black Hers 120s –RM165
NUTREX Lipo6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate 60s - RM158
MUSCLETECH HydroxycutHardcore Elite 100s- RM160
MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro 120s- RM150
MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Advanced 144s- RM120
2 months
MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Advanced 72s - RM70 1 months
MUSCLEPHARM Shred Matrix 120s - RM160 1 months

MUSCLETECH Leukic PRO 180s - RM170
BSN Amino X 30s - RM110
SCIVATION Xtend 90s - RM195 New formula with electrolyte  
PHP Amino Growth V12 500s - RM160  Chocolate Flavor. Chewable
MUSCLE PHARM BCAA 3:1:2 240s - RM125


CELLUCOR P6 Extreme 120s- RM270 $120 in USA! (TEST + HCG + PCT combined formula)
MUSCLEMEDS Hexaghen 56s - RM210 HGH booster
MUSCLEMEDS Arimatest 180s - RM180
MUSCLETECH Alpha Test 112s –RM165
USPLABS Test Powder 240g - RM168 
USPLABS Pink Magic 180s - RM188
USPLABS Prime 120s - RM188
USPLABS Compound 20 120s –RM168 Leaning & Hardening Complex
NUTREX Vitrix 180s - RM178
NUTREX Vitrix 90s - RM128
NUTREX Anabol-5 120s - RM168
NUTREX T-UP Black 150s - RM150
MHP T-Bomb II 168s   - RM160
GASPARI Viridex XT 120s - RM160
ULTIMATE TestostroGrow 2HP - RM160
ULTIMATE Bulgarian Tribulus - RM130
GAMMA LABS Gamma-O V2 120s - RM188
LG LEGAL GEAR Sciences MMV3 135s - RM180
Strength anabolic complex
LG LEGAL GEAR Sciences M-1-D Black 112s - RM190 Strength & Mass
LG LEGAL GEAR Sciences Form-X s - RM190 Strength & Mass


ON SeriousMass 12Lbs - RM190
BSN TrueMass 5.75LBs - RM178
DYMATIZE SuperMassGainer 12Lbs - RM168
HYPER STRENGTH Hyper Gain 12lbs- RM160

HYPER STRENGTH Hyper Whey 5lbs- RM165
ON OPTIMUM NUTRITION Performance Whey 4lbs - RM180
BSN Syntha-6 5lbs - RM185
GASPARI Myofusion Probiotic 5LBs - RM190
MUSCLETECH NitroTech Hardcore Pro 4LBs - RM195
ON OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Casein 4LBs –RM200
HYPER STRENGTH Hyper Whey 10lbs- RM305
DYMATIZE Elite Whey Isolate 10lbs - RM325

Last for 2~4 months
PROMERA SPORT Con-Cret 50g - RM110 New! Concentrated Creatine
MUSCLETECH NeuroCore 45s 189g - RM105
BPI SPORTS 1.M.R 224g - RM120
USPLABS Jack3D 250g - RM110
USPLABS Jack3D Micro Ultra Concentrated - RM130
BSN Hyper FX 324g - RM130
CELLUCOR C4 Extreme 60s - RM168
MUSCLEMEDS Code Red 300g - RM170

GASPARI Vasotropin 120s –RM150
USPLABS YOK3D 180s - RM178
MUSCLETECH Gakic Pro 128s - RM178
MUSCLETECH NanoStim 100s - RM160
BSN Nitrix 180s - RM148

CELLUCOR R3 Extreme 150s  –RM170 Quick post workout recovery & joints health
GASPARI SizeOn Maximum Performance 3.5LBS  - RM175
MUSCLETECH Celltech Performance 6lbs- RM198
MUSCLETECH CreaCore 293g- RM150
MUSCLETECH Creakic180s- RM170
MUSCLETECH MyoBuild 348g- RM168
DYMATIZE Micronized Creatine Monohydrate 1KG  -RM140
7 months
SCIVATION Xtend 90s - RM195 New formula with electrolyte  
PROMERA SPORT Con-Cret 50g - RM110 New! Concentrated Creatine

GNC Triflex 240s– RM260 50% @ RM250 CHEAPER!! 
GNC Malaysia store selling it for rm500++. Glucosamine,Chondroitin,MSM
NOW Glucosamine,Chondroitin,MSM 180s – RM155
Supports healthy joint function
PROLAB CAFFEINE 200mg 100s– RM79 restore mental alertness &wakefulness
MRM Melatonin 3mg 60s V-caps - RM49 helps regulate sleep cycle 
NEOCELL Super Collagen Type 1&3 + Vit.C 250s- RM160 Beauty Health. 3 months
MUSCLEPHARM Armor-V 180s  –RM125
Multivitamins for active Men. New and improved formula. 2 months
HIMALAYA Liv.52 DS 60s – RM45 Double Strength. Liver health and detox. Increase appetite. 2 months.

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