Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sole personal rant & rave Ver.I

HELLO my friend n visitor n customer
its been a while since my last post isn't it?
partly due to too bz with my assignment,exam, meeting, hitting rhe gym,running around, order from customer and running my fac society....and most importantly this a blogshop! not a personal blog and atm i dont have new hot!exciting!rare! items to sell/add ha2 so noting to update.

so why the heck i writing this? because for those who concern im going to turn dis blogshop into a fusion of personal blog n blogshop, worry not of coz im gonna write and rant about topic related to stuff i sell.

for version I. main topic is SUPPLEMENT.
i bet some of u r curious bout me...i sell supplement but how do i fare? what is my stack? my performance?hmmmmm.....what else r?
i used to be like dat dreamy guy ha2
in 2007 i weight >80kg+, damn lazy, all the time only eat eat and eat, and play no sport at all! totally a potato couch teen!
after spm, i entered matriculation, there were no tv (1 blok only 1 tv, have to fight for remote summmore), no more free food, and matric are seriously boring, nothing to do except go to classes,do homework,read paper,evening play sport and dating for a lucky few....
so i  made a resolution to shed some fat and to weight below 60kg....
and then my thrilling journey began. from a potato couch who cant even jog 100m?!! , everyday i keep running and play squash on free time....1 year later....i entered uitm, weight drop to 62ish......i continue  trying to achieve my resolution....i join UiTM Runner Club joining running event, my fav is night 10k event, learn swimming and in jan 2009, i achieved my lowest 59kg! omg! then i realized how damn skinny i am.
that me change my focus from losing weight into, not really bodybuilding but rather go to the gym for fun and just get a nice physic..

atm, i weight 67kg with height target is to get to 75kg....but i think i hav hit a plateau, for the past 3 month my weight hovering at 66~68kg only...aihhhhh :(

Incline bench press = 40kg
squat =  82kg
overhead press = 25kg
deadlift = 120kg
* all weight, exclude oly barbell 20kg

smith machine bench press = 65kg

my upper body damn weak right?

im not sticking to one brand/product....i like changing n tryin new stuff

my stack previously n current, consist of
Pre-workout/nitric oxide (very important)
-universal nutrition shock theraphy
-gaspari superpump 250
-bsn no-xplode (current)

Intraworkout/ BCAA
-scivation xtend (current)
watermelon flavour is the best, using it from the day i start gym till now....3 bottles~ but after this one finish, not gonna drink it anymore....have to save money and cut cost~

-universal nutrition creatine monohydrate
this is the bare and basic fancy2 and useless stuff added, but it really works.....only tried it for once, when the 1st bottle finish  i stop taking it, since like middle of laz year....but will take it again, definitely,

Whey Protein/ Casein
-optimum nutrition 100% whey
-optimum nutrition casein protein (2 serving left)
-dymatize elite whey isolate
-muscletech nitrotech hardcore (current, maybe half or 2/5 serving left only)
-scivation whey protein (current)

thats all for now....will rant more later ha2
till then keep browsing~

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