Thursday, June 3, 2010

SOLE GARMIN Nuvi GPS map products.

GARMIN NUVI...the original and the ever reliable GPS MAP for ur driving companion.
ALL model come Preloaded with Malaysia, Singapore and some with Brunei maps.
Free Map Update from

12 month warranty.

It has come to our attention that there are many parallel importers who are claiming to be Authorized Garmin Distributor. Kindly be informed that AECO Technologies is the one and ONLY Authorized Garmin Distributor for the country of Malaysia. This can be verified HERE

It has come to our attention that there are many parallel importers who are providing FAKE Local Distributor Warranty. Kindly be informed that, only AECO Technologies capable of providing Local Distributor Warranty.

Please be advised that Garmin DOES NOT provide warranty for non localized models. is Garmin’s official website for Singapore & Malaysia. Some parallel importers have set up websites (eg. and claimed that they are providing Garmin Singapore sales & services, which has misled end users. Garmin will reserve the right to take legal actions against the claims. And Garmin has long been promoting localized models in Singapore and Malaysia. Users with localized models can enjoy free updates for software, junction view images, and 3-D buildings only on Garmin’s official website:

Please make sure that you are buying localized models from Garmin’s authorized distributors/dealers and check Garmin’s official website for the latest updates available to localized models.
If you have problems identifying the product version, you may refer to the bottom of our package. The product version is usually after the model name. Or call Garmin at +886-2-2642-9199 ext.2 or email Garmin at for more support.

GARMIN NUVI 205 ----- RM 460
(3.5" TFT Display)

GARMIN NUVI 205W----RM 530
(4.3" TFT Display)

GARMIN NUVI 255W ---RM 690
 (4.3" TFT Display + Junction view)

GARMIN NUVI 1350----RM 750

(4.3" TFT Display + Junction view)

GARMIN NUVI 1460----RM 990
(5" TFT Display with Junction View & BlueTooth) 
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not sure which one to buy?? click THE diagram below!

Nuvi 2xx Bike Mount - RM99
Portable Friction Mount (No Installation Required) - RM199 
Vehicle Suction Cup Mount - RM149

AC Adapter Cable : Include International Adapter - RM169
USB Cable ( Replacement) - RM79
Cig Lighter Adapter - RM149

Pink Carrying Case - RM85 
Carrying Case - RM85
Carrying Case with cover - RM125
Carrying Case - RM90

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