Friday, August 27, 2010

SOLE Detox Foot Patch from RM0.65/pc only~

Detox Foot Patch helps to recover from fatigue, soothe headaches, beautify skin and many aspect to improve our daily health. By applying the Foot Patch on the bottom of both feet before sleep, and let it detox the unwanted toxin during sleeping hours until the next morning. We recommend to allow the Detox Foot Patch attached on both feet for a minimum of 6 hours to 8 hours for best result.

Try it for one day, you will see toxin from your body discharged the next day!
Use one patch for each foot every day.
Results will be seen in three different stages.
First stage:
Improve sleep quality, Improve constipation and Expel wind in the body. You will feel your body lighter.
Second stage:
Improve body resistance to diseases, boost up metabolism, improve digestive systems, improve oral and foot bad odours, Blood pressure and fat level will be lowered, Kidney functions better, and improve hormonal functions of the body.(1-2 months)
Third stage:
Last stage, you will find your foot patch colour lighten, means that the toxic in your body is lessen! You may see changes at your face Congratulations! (2-4 months)

Suitable For:-
1. Who wish to lose body weight
2. Who has the constipation, the halitosis, the body odor, the smelly foot problems
3. Who is a computer worker, has high work pressure, is always exposed to the radiation
4. The long time stands, walk people
5. Neck, shoulder, waist, leg ache swelling crowd 

[Health care functions]
The discomforts brought by microcirculation obstacle which is caused by toxins, wastes and fat sediment in human body.
1. Smooth venation and open points, eliminate toxins, protect skins, develop metabolism and speed blood circulation.
2. Improve the microcirculation of face, clear up fleck, remove wrinkles, cleanse blood wastes. Weed out free radical, reduce heavy metal in body, smooth your facial skin.
3. Speed up body metabolism. Absorb the extra oil, regulate blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar.
4. Improve dysmenorrheal, body cold physical obstacle, abdomen descending.
5. Reduce headache, tiredness, blackout, insomnia, anorexia, astriction, dreaminess, decay of memory and etc.
6. Get rid of rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pains, leg pains and stiffness, growth of bone tissue, parenchyma sprain and joint wrench and etc.
7. Improve chest stuffy, short breath, asthma, bronchitis and etc slow disease. 

min order is 10pieces
< 50pieces - RM 1.20
50~200 pieces - RM 0.99
200~500 pieces -RM 0.95
500~1000 pieces -RM 0.90
1000~2500 pieces - RM 0.85
2.5K~5K pieces - RM 0.75
>5k pieces - RM0.65

*wealth without health isn't OK
*wealth with health is OK.
"he who has HEALTH has HOPE , he who has HOPE has EVERYTHING"
treasure it and take great care of it. for your own sake and those who depend on you~
Give 10 pieces (or more) to your dad to show your appreciation of his hardwork of raising u
Give 10 pieces (or more) to your mom to thank her for her love and care
Give 10 pieces (or more) to your GF/BF to tell her/him how much u want her/him to be healthy for you
Give 20 pieces (or more) to yourself to reward yourself for buying this... 



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