Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sole personal rant & rave Ver.II

The question to cut or bulk is easily one of the most common conundrum. The Answer is surprisingly SIMPLE
Most agonizing over these tend to share some very common characteristics:
- don't have a vagina
- Under 30 Y/o, definitely high teens/early 20s
- Less than 2 years of consistent training
- Obsessed with unrealistic target physique
- A tendency to jump from program to program to program

The answer is very simple -> Go with personal preference. The threshold bodyfat percentage varies greatly for most. Some say bulking should stop at a certain %BF and vice versa.

One surefire way to overcomplicate to get an outsider's opinion (that probably look like crap himself aka mindless folks pitching their two cents). They project their personal preferences and biases including their own personal agendas. Realize this is PERSONAL DECISION and at the end of day, it's you who are dealing with the consequences.

A quick solution to your ultimate question of cut or bulk ?
Get naked and look into the mirror. depending upon the reaction of EWWW or AHHH determines your ultimate cut or bulk decision.

When it comes to muscle gain or fat loss, it makes life much easier to pick a single focus, you can't serve two masters at once. This brings to an important point about beginners worried about cutting or bulking. MOST of them have the luxury merely training progressively and eating sensibly (making better food choices) can see both goals (gain muscle while losing fat) simultaneously. The solution for the pick a program and focus on it and eating to support it.

The term culking which is an alternate to body recomp is possible for beginners and to a certain degree intermediate. Can advanced trainee the magical culking? Of course but it's typically possible after an extended layoff (like u see in the ads OR KEVIN LEVRONE !) or drastic changes in habitual training and nutritional protocol.

Confused beginner should KISS , eat right, train smart and enjoy the results. More advanced trainees, the decision is ultimately your own personal preference and being brutally honest with yourself (the fat 19 inch guns ain;t working)

The end

source- KEN86. tq very much for the great tips...lets share it~

Loyal Supporters. TQ