Monday, June 20, 2011

LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Supplements & Nutritions

DYMATIZE Xpand Post 3.5Lbs - RM210
** PROMO BOX. free SHAKER & xtreme pump sample

Get the most out of your xtreme workouts with the ultimate post-workout product - Xpand Post. 

Xpand Xtreme Post by Dymatize is complete post workout nutrition. Xpand Xtreme Post combines the benefits of an advanced smart carb complex along with 16 grams of protein made up of both complete and free form amino acids. Xpand Xtreme Post includes a full 5 grams of the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade BCAAs and a full 2 grams of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine along with an additional 5 grams of an advanced Creatine Complex per serving. Xpand Xtreme Post is designed to help you increase muscle gains while replenishing your body after a hard workout.

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