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MALAYSIA Premiere Fitness & Bodybuilding Supplements Shop!!
Suitable for Male & Female
Whey Protein, Muscle Builder, Weight Gainer, Fat Burner, Weight loss Suppelements, BCAA, Nitric Oxide, Amino Acid, Multivitamins,Creatine & much more. thumbup.gif
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 Shaker @ Blender Bottle: ON shaker 32OZ / 900ML 
RM15 with purchase of 2 supplements @
 RM19 with purchase of 1 supplement @

XENADRINE Maximum Hardcore Ripped 120s - RM170
VPX Meltdown 120s - RM180
VPX Redline Ultra Hardcore 120s - RM180
VPX Redline Black Blue V2 120s - RM180
MUSCLETECH Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro 120s - RM180
USPLABS OxyElite PRO 90s - RM175
USPLABS OxyElite PRO 180s - RM300
CELLUCOR T7 Extreme 90s RM180 Stimulant & caffeine free.
CELLUCOR D4 Thermal Shock 60s - RM180 price USD$60 in USA! only 2 capsules per day.
CELLUCOR D4 Thermal Shock 120s - RM300 price USD$100 in USA! only 2 capsules per day.
REVOLUTION Abdominal Cuts Green 120s - RM180 Stimulant & caffeine free.
NUTREX Lipo6X 240s - RM280

NUTREX Lipo6 Black  Hers 120s  - RM180
NUTREX Lipo6 Black 120s - RM160
ANIMAL Cuts 42 pak - RM170
CELLUCOR L2 Extreme 60s
GNC Thermo CLA 90s
NUTREX Lipo6X 120s 
NUTREX Lipo6 Black Ultra Concentrate 60s 
GAT JetFuel PYRO 120s  
MAP Arson 120s  

MUSCLETECH Leukic PRO 180S - RM190 
MUSCLE PHARM BCAA 3:1:2 240s - RM135
ON BCAA 1000 400s – RM140
ON Superior Amino 2222 320s – RM125
(new improved formula)
DYMATIZE SuperAmino 4800 450s - RM130

ANIMAL Nitro 44 Pak - RM180
ULTIMATE Xtreme Amino 1500 330s 
SCIVATION Xtend 90Servings  

CELLUCOR P6 Extreme 120s- RM290 price USD$120 in USA! (TEST + HCG + PCT combined formula)
GAMMA LABS Gamma-O 150s - RM230 price USD$100 in USA!  (Test booster with gamma oryzanol and CLA)
MUSCLEMEDS Hexaghen 56s - RM220 (HGH booster)
MUSCLEMEDS Arimatest 180s - RM180 (Test booster)
USPLABS Pink Magic 120s - RM205 
LG SCIENCE Formadrol Extreme 90s - RM180 (Anti-Estrogen Testosterone Booster)
NUTREX Vitrix 180s  - RM210
NUTREX Vitrix 90s  - RM130 
NUTREX T-UP Black 150s  - RM155
BSN Axis-HT 120s  - RM170
MHP T-Bomb II 168s   - RM170 
GASPARI Viridex XT 120s - RM180
ULTIMATE Bulgarian Tribulus 90s

MAX MUSCLE Max Tribustak 90s 
LG SCIENCE Natadrol 90s
USPLABS Prime 120s 

GASPARI Realmass 6Lbs
BSN TrueMass 5.75LBs
ON SeriousMass 12Lbs - RM190

DYMATIZE SuperMassGainer 12Lbs - RM185 
VPX Stealth 5Lbs - RM180

INNER ARMOUR Blue Super Quad Protein 4.4lbs - RM170
DYMATIZE Elite Whey Protein Isolate 5lbs  - RM180
GASPARI Myofusion Hydro 5LBs - RM185
BSN Syntha6 5LBs - RM190
MUSCLETECH NitroTech Hardcore Pro 4LBs - RM210 

INNER ARMOUR Blue Super Quad Protein 10Lbs - RM320


USPLABS Jack3D 250G - RM140
NUTREX Hemorage Black Ultra Concentrate 294G - RM145
GNC Amplified Muscle Igniter 4x 202grams  - RM145 
BPI SPORTS 1.M.R 224G - RM160
CELLUCOR C4 Extreme 30serving- RM130
CELLUCOR C4 Extreme 60serving - RM190
MUSCLETECH NeuroCore 45servings 189grams - RM165  ** NEW ** NEW ** NEW
BSN NO-Xplode 2.25lbs  - RM165 
GASPARI SuperPump MAX 640G - RM170
MUSCLETECH Nano Vapor Pro 2lbs 
DYMATIZE Xpand Xtreme Pump 800G

USPLABS YOK3D 90s - RM160 ** NEW

USPLABS YOK3D 180s - RM260 ** NEW
MUSCLETECH Gakic Pro 128s - RM185
BSN Nitrix 180s - RM150 
BSN Epozine O2 NT 180s - RM165
MRI NO2 Red 150s  - RM185 price USD$70 in USA!
MRI NO2 Black 180s  - RM175 price USD$65 in USA!
MRI NO2 Platinum 180s  - RM165 price USD$60 in USA! 
MUSCLETECH Nano Vapor Pro 150s 

DYMATIZE Xpand Post 3.5Lbs - RM210 Free DYMATIZE Shaker Bottle
MRI CE2 Hi-Def 180s - RM180 Thermogenic Creatine
MRI CE2 180s - RM160
DYMATIZE Creatine Mono 1KG - RM160
MUSCLETECH Creakic 180s 
GASPARI SizeOn Maximum Performance 3.5LBS

ON OptiMen 180s 
GNC Mega Men Sport 180s – RM150
XERO LIMITS Engorge 224s – RM150 Appetite stimulating complex
GNC Triflex 240s– RM280 SAVE RM120 @ 30%! Glucosamine,chondroitin,msm. GNC malaysia store selling it for rm400.
NOW Glucosamine,Chondroitin,MSM 180s – RMxx Supports healthy joint function
NOW Melatonin 3mg 60s – RMxx Helps regulates sleep pattern, sleeping pill
PROLAB CAFFEINE 200mg 100s– RMxx restore mental alertness & wakefullness

1.5KG- RM59 // 4.5KG -  RM165

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